THE forthcoming General Election on June 8 is an opportunity for the electorate of Warrington South to hold our Conservative MP Mr David Mowat to account.

Truth and trust are important qualities for an MP and I don’t trust Mr Mowat because he didn’t tell the truth two years ago just before the last General Election where both he and the former Chancellor and Tory MP for Tatton George Osborne promised that Warrington motorists would have tolls waived for the forthcoming Mersey Crossing.

These toll charges are going to cause traffic chaos in Warrington, if it wasn’t bad enough already, and Mr Mowat won’t experience this because when he’s not in Westminster he resides in Macclesfield.

Mr Mowat has been ineffective regarding the issue with Peel Ports of the lack of maintenance to the swing bridges and the volume of ships using the canal.

Warrington voted out at the referendum but Mr Mowat voted to remain because as an MP he doesn’t have the interest of his constituents at heart but that of his political party.

As he is a yes man and therefore is an ineffective MP, it is time to give him his P45.

TONY FOX Stockton Heath