ON reading your piece about school holidays and people taking their children out of class (Warrington Guardian, April 13).

It seems there are simple issues here.

Firstly, parents seem to be following the standard modern rule of if you don’t like something, do it anyway.

The rules are you can’t take your children out of school during term time. They are quite simple and easy to understand.

I understand that holidays are more expensive during the school holidays, but that is life.

We had to take our children on caravan holidays to Wales because Spain and Disneyland were too expensive. I am afraid that is life.

They had a great time anyway and this mumbo jumbo middle class nonsense that going on holiday is ‘more of an education’ is absolute rubbish and insulting to teachers.

Secondly, if you do want to defy the law and take them away – pay the penalty.

It is only £60.

If you decide to drive to London at 100mph on the logic it will get you there faster, or you are happy to let your dog foul on the pavement because you don’t like picking the mess up, then you have to pay a penalty.

You accept there are fines and you pay them.

Failure to do so leaves us with anarchy.

What happens if every parent takes their child out of school for a week at different times in the year?

How would schools cope and how would the students catch up?

The arrogance of these parents doesn’t surprise me however.