A WARRINGTON Hospital midwife threw himself out of a plane at 15,000ft in order to raise more than £1,000 to battle cancer in pregnancies.

Jonathan Cliffe embarked on a skydive in aid of Mummy’s Star, a charity that works with women and their families who are affected by cancer during a pregnancy.

Around one in every 1,000 pregnancies are affected by a cancer diagnosis, and the 23-year-old raised £1,300 with his daring skydive.

He said: “I was very nervous beforehand and it was very scary – 15,000ft is quite a big drop.

“The scariest part was when they opened the plane door with the wind hitting your face – there was a little bit of doubt at that point but I was in too deep by then.

“It was the best feeling ever – it was a wonderful experience and it was so calm and peaceful up in the sky.

“The money will really help the charity and people have been really generous with their donations and very supportive – it’s also raised awareness of the charity.”

Around £500 can pay for a mini-break for a family with a terminal diagnosis to create precious memories, while £250 can pay for an iPad that can be used for families to face time each other when mums have to spend time in hospital.

Croft resident Jonathan has worked as a midwife at the hospital since November.

He added: “I absolutely love my job – it’s fantastic and it’s so rewarding.

“Being male it’s a bit of an odd job to have but I just enjoy the normality of pregnancies – these ladies are not unwell, they’re fit and healthy and are just having a baby which I think drew me to the profession.”

To donate to Jonathan’s skydive go to justgiving.com/Jonathan-Cliffe2.