MEN have been warned they are being blackmailed by unknown women on Facebook, who encourage them to explose themselves on the internet, and then threaten to send the video to family and friends.

Cheshire Police say in the latest of two incidents in Cheshire, a man was contacted by a woman making a ‘friend request’ on the social network.

He was are encouraged to continue contact over Skype, when he was asked to engage in sexual activity by flashing the woman.

Threats were then made to say a video will be sent to all the victim’s contacts on Facebook, unless £500 was paid.

The incident was reported to police on Friday.

DCI Nigel Wenham, of the strategic public protection unit, said: "In the last two weeks we have had two offences of this nature brought to our attention.

“We would always discourage anyone from engaging in any online sexual activity.

If you do, you risk the images being captured and the threat of these being seen by your friends and family.

“Once these images are in the public domain on the internet they will remain there for anyone to see."

"If you do find yourself in this position do not hand over any money - contact the police."

Anyone who finds themselves a victim of this scam should contact Cheshire Police on the non-emergency 101 number.