A WRESTLER from Warrington who has starred in matches around the world is now heading to Saudi Arabia - to teach English as a foreign language.

Greg Tasker, 27, better known to fighting fans as the mysterious masked man Voodoo, will be swapping the squared circle for a packed classroom.

But the 27-year-old from Fearnhead isn't giving up on his grappling dream, because he will be working to raise funds for a European wrestling tour the year after.

The former Woolston High School pupil, who studied criminology at university in Hong Kong, had originally planned to return to Asia.

He said: "In a recent change of plan I am no longer going to South Korea, but Saudi Arabia instead as they offered me more money!

"I will be teaching there to save money for a European wrestling tour the year after."

Before he departs to the Middle East, Greg is hosting another show at Rylands Recreation Club in Gorsey Lane, Orford on Friday.

'War in Warrington' will see talent from north and south of the border collide in an event billed as a battle 750 years in the making, as Scotland will battle England for their independence.

Greg said: "Never since the days of William Wallace has a battle of this magnitude taken place! It will be a great night for the whole family."

The main event will see Zack Gibson and Ricky J McKenzie, representing England, face 'The Meanest Men in Scotland', Joe and Mark Coffey.

Warrington's own Sexy Kev will be back in action and fighting 'Scotland's No. 1 Son' Joe Hendry.

Manchester's Lana Austin will take on 'The Scottish Wrecking Ball' Viper.

In one of two bonus matches, Greg will be going head-to-head with '100% Welsh Beef' Dylan Roberts.

And Tyson T-Bone, 'Pound for Pound the Strongest Pure Athlete', will go up against Sammy D, trained by WWE's recent signing, Prince Devitt, in and England versus Ireland match.

Doors open at 7pm with first bell at 7.30pm.

Entry is £6 for children and £8 for adults.

Tickets are available at the venue, on 07454 832614 or through Facebook.com/sciencefictionstudios.