A VOLUNTEER children’s football coach has been jailed for 30 months after he was caught attempting to smuggle cocaine into Creamfields.

Roy Pearson, aged 20, from Liverpool, was collared by Cheshire Police officers when a swab showed traces of cocaine on his hand.

Warrington Crown Court heard on Thursday that during the resultant strip search, police noticed a condom hanging from Pearson’s backside.

A further search saw two condoms recovered, one containing cocaine, and one containing glucose, often used as an adulterant with drugs.

Police also found £60 in cash and two phones, the court heard.

Owen Edwards, prosecuting, said the coke, weighing in at 11.2g, would have had a street value of around £600 at the dance music festival in Daresbury.

The incident happened at 2.45am on Sunday, August 23.

Pearson, wearing a pink polo shirt and jeans in court, told police the drugs were for him.

The defendant, who volunteers as a coach at a children’s football team, later pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply a class A drug.

The court heard the drug dealing had been ‘amateurish’, and that Pearson is a ‘hapless youth’.

He was said to be in ‘dire financial trouble’ as his mum was left unable to work due to illness, selling drugs to support his family.

Recorder S J Killeen said: “You involved yourself in a premeditated attempt to make money at a concert, concealing the class A drug cocaine inside your behind with the intention of selling it to make a profit.

“I have read about your character, and that other people speak highly of you.

“Your decision to involved yourself in this extremely criminal, premeditated madness, may have been affected by the fact you felt compelled to provide for your family, having regard for your mother’s illness, as there is no other way of explaining it.”

Pearson will serve half of the 30 month prison sentence.