WARRINGTON Borough Council has started court action against travellers on Peel Hall Park after they refused to leave.

The council issued a ‘direction to leave’ notice, but that has been ignored by the travellers.

A spokesman said: “Following reports travellers had moved to Peel Hall Park, officers visited the site the same day and started the eviction process with the ‘direction to leave notice’.

“As they have not complied with this notice the council will be continuing with court action for an eviction.”

There are currently around seven caravans in the park, with neighbours claiming waste is being dumped.

Mary Burke lives on Grasmere Avenue and said: “Since they arrived, a load of settees have been left in the pond.

“I tend to take my dog out in the evening, and I’m not following my usual route as I feel intimidated.

“I don’t like tarring everyone with the same brush, but then you see the pond.

“We are concerned that more travellers will arrive.

“I hope the eviction notice is put into place and they will go.”

Insp Chris Adkins, from Warrington East NPU, said the travellers were the same group seen on Woolston Park last week.

They moved to Crab Lane in Fearnhead, and then Peel Hall Park.

As the park is council-owned, eviction is a civil procedure.

Police say they can only become involved if anything criminal happens.