LIBERAL Democrat Clr Brian Axcell has accused the Labour administration of turning Lymm and Stockton Heath car parks into ‘cash cows.’

Off street car parks turned in a profit for the council of more than four times the figure from the previous year.]

 Income generated at the four car parks in Stockton Heath and Lymm was £87,550 out of a total £104,000 surplus.

However throughout 2013/2014 the council’s car parking service had a shortfall of £142,000; meanwhile Residents Parking Zones lost £90,000 for the council.

Clr Axcell said: “Targeting a single area to fund the parking service is grossly unfair to South Warrington residents, whilst damaging business activity and creating immense problems with on-street parking.

“It is time for the labour councillors to stop favouring their own areas and adopt the ‘One Warrington’ approach led by previous Lib Dem administration.”