NEW mums often barely have time to think about a work out never mind get to the gym.

But thanks to a new complimentary therapy at Warrington Hospital, parents can stretch out and practice their downward dogs with their newborns.

Pregnancy yoga classes were launched in April but have proved so popular at the Lovely Lane hospital mums and babies can now also take part at The Village.

The sessions from 14 weeks pregnancy onwards include stretches, stamina work, relaxation and breathing techniques to help with labour while mum and baby classes include stretches for both to keep them calm, relaxed and help with babies’ wind and colic.

Midwifery sister Jayne Carlon started training in a variety of therapies after receiving funding from the hospital’s charitable fund and hopes in the future to also provide acupuncture.

She added: “It started off with hypnobirthing, (relaxation and breathing techniques to use in labour) and then developed into aromatherapy and reflexology.

“We started with one mum and baby yoga session at The Village and now there are three or four.

“It’s great seeing the ladies before and after giving birth.

“Most women are keen as gyms stop them from doing anything when they’re pregnant and once they find out a midwife is leading the class, they’re really keen.”

The services have never been advertised but grown in popularity through word of mouth and Facebook leading to hypnobirthing being booked up months in advance.

Bewsey mum Clare North has been taking part in classes around the birth of her first son Eli, aged nine weeks.

The 33-year-old said: “When you get pregnant you’ve got this image of screaming and yelling but through the whole experience after meeting Jayne I’ve felt in control and all the techniques really helped.

“You do feel like when you’re telling other people you have to explain you’re not a new agey mum but it feels like old school midwifery trusting your body to do its job.

“I would say to anybody considering it to definitely do it as it empowers you to have the labour you want.

“He’s quite a content baby anyway but the massages do help at home and calm him down.”