A boyband who share a name with the Warrington village of Rixton are celebrating after reaching the top of the UK charts with their debut single, ‘Me and My Broken Heart’.

The band, made up of lead singer Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall on guitar, Danny Wilkin on bass and keyboard and Lewi Morgan on drums, originally come from nearby Manchester.

When the band first started out, they went by the name ‘Relics’ but were legally obligated to change the band name as there was already a professional band with the same name.

The boys knew they liked the ‘R’ and ‘X’ sound when combined together so after much brainstorming they came up with the name Rixton.

Warrington Guardian: On the up – Rixton look like they’re heading for the big time

The foursome will each get a tattoo to celebrate reaching number one. While Jake is getting his on his bicep and Charley's will be etched on his rib, a nervous Lewi will get his marking on his thumb, while Danny hopes to hide his from his parents by having it done on his thigh.

“Being Number One is probably the biggest thing ever that has happened to us in our lives,” Jake, the son of Shane Ritchie and Coleen Nolan, told OfficialCharts.com.

“And it means a lot because it's in our home country, and that's something that's been the main goal for us, to really make an impact.

"It's a dream. Thank you to everyone who has bought it for your support.”

Warrington Guardian:

The name ‘Rixton’ derives from the personal name ‘Ric’ and tun, which is Old English for a homestead or settlement.