A JUDGE told an 18-year-old drug dealer caught at Creamfields Festival to think of the potentially fatal impact of the drugs he might have sold.

Adam Weston, from Glamorgan, Wales, was caught with a quantity of the class B drug methadrone and class c anabolic steroid tablets which he intended to pass off as ecstasy at the dance festival last year.

But Judge Rajeev Rama Shetty told him why drug dealers would normally face prison.

He said: “It’s right to acknowledge people who sell drugs can expect custodial sentences.

“Just imagine you went to that festival and consumed drugs and you never came back because you died of something you had taken. Imagine what your mother and father would think, they would want someone to face justice.

“Imagine you yourself could have been put in that position you could have been the person who supplied the drug that killed someone.”

Warrington Crown Court heard on Thursday how Weston was caught on August 25 in possession of the drugs.

Matthew Curtis, defending, said: “He was out celebrating his 18th birthday when he decided to supply illegal drugs in order to fund his activities through the festival.”

Weston, who appeared emotional throughout the hearing, was of previous good character but Mr Curtis added the suicide of a close friend last year had also driven him on ‘a downward spiral’.

Judge Shetty decided not to send Weston to prison adding: “You are a person of previous good character. You haven’t appeared before the courts before. You have a supportive family.

“This is your chance to prove you can get over this.”

He was handed nine months in a young offenders institute for possession of class B drugs and four months in a young offenders institute for possession of class C drugs to run concurrently suspended for two years.

He was also given 200 hours unpaid work, a positive thinking course, a 12 month supervision order and made to pay costs of £250.