LIBERAL Democrat councillors have questioned the ‘secret’ decision to close Sandy Lane Recycling Centre.

The party has called in the decision by the Labour led administration to close the Stockton Heath centre and reduce the opening hours of the two remaining centres.

It comes as a campaign to keep the centre open builds pace as staff at the Sandy Lane centre say they are as busy as ever.

Clr Peter Walker (LD - Appleton) said: “Our request for the ‘call-in’ lists six reasons why we are unhappy. This decision must have been made before February but it has been kept secret until now.

“There has been no consultation with residents, parish councils, local groups or councillors in South Warrington or, as far as I know, elsewhere in the town.

“The additional proposal to ‘compensate’ South Warrington by installing unsupervised ‘bring banks’ is also very worrying and needs proper discussion.

“A proposal to close the Sandy Lane Recycling Centre in 2010 was rejected by the then Lib Dem led administration after open and thorough consultation.

“I hope the Labour administration will also listen before making far reaching decisions on the future of waste handling in Warrington. The potential for a reduction in recycling, longer car journeys, litter and fly tipping must be considered.”

Residents have been signing a petition backing the centre to stay open.

A source close to the recycling centre said: “The people who use it are absolutely appalled.

“Some users have said they are the highest taxpayers in the borough around here so why should something they use so much be shut down.”

There have been rumours the centre’s closure date of July 31 had been put on hold to allow for a public consultation but the council did not clarify whether this was the case when asked by the Warrington Guardian.

The decision will now go before the council’s scrutiny committee early next month which will then report its findings to the executive board on July 14.