A KILLER dog owner is behind bars after walking a large, white dog months after being banned from keeping them for 10 years.

David Savage, aged 45, was handed a suspended sentence last year after his Staffordshire Bull Terrier George decapitated fluffy family pet Elvis in what was described as a ‘horrific’ attack.

Pictures of Susan Campbell, who was walking George at the time and received a five-year banning order, covered in blood went viral after the incident in August last year.

But the owners of savaged pup Elvis have now said they were disgusted to hear Savage had been spotted walking another dog and that the animal has been allowed to remain at the house on Thelwall Lane where Campbell and Savage live because they have claimed a third person owns it.

Mum-of-three Gemma Antell added: “For an even bigger dog to be allowed to stay in that environment is like a timebomb.

“We’re pleased the court has taken this seriously but our main priority is that dog is still in that house because of a ridiculous loophole.

“It’s not fair on the dog and it should be removed and given to a loving home.

“If it’s brought up in the same environment then the same thing will happen again but next time it could be a child.”

The family were tipped off by friends in the Latchford area Savage had been seen with another dog and immediately contacted the police.

He was arrested by officers on Sunday walking the dog and jailed for four weeks at Halton Magistrates Court on Monday for breaching his suspended sentence.

Gemma, who has since replaced Elvis with a cross pomeranian and chihuahua called Presley, added: “I’m so scared of walking the dog now and feel nervous all the time.

“I really don’t want to see another victim of a dog attack and if they’re spotted again walking a dog we’re just going to keep ringing the police until they get the message.

“I feel like people and pets aren’t safe because they are not responsible for a dog and I’ve experienced the worst possible outcome.”