A LONGFORD man, who had already been banned from driving, was followed by police in an 11-mile high speed chase before being caught by officers, Warrington Crown Court heard on Friday.

Edward Geaney, of Gough Avenue, was spotted in a blue Jeep by police on the A49 at Cuddington at 12.05am on January, 29 2013 and flashed to pull over but instead accelerated away.

Reaching speeds of a predicted 90mph along the A49 back to Warrington and driving for periods on the opposite side of the road, the car eventually braked in the middle of the road near the London Bridge pub in Stockton Heath before reversing towards the police car and then accelerating away again.

The police helicopter was sent out after two passengers jumped out of the car while it was still moving on Wash Lane.

Geaney was arrested the same day and charged with driving while he was disqualified and dangerous driving.

He was sentenced to 15 months behind bars at Warrington Crown Court on Friday.