WARRINGTON residents have joined Merseyside homeowners in making their feelings clear over free copies of The Sun newspaper being delivered to homes across the country today and tomorrow.

Many postmen in parts of Merseyside, Cheshire and West Lancs have reportedly objected to delivering the papers today in support of the 'Justice for the 96' campaign. 

And Warrington residents have also been tweeting their disapproval of the paper being shoved through their letterboxes following claims the newspaper made around the time of the Hillsborough disaster.

Former Great Sankey student and mental health campaigner Rachael Johnston tweeted a picture of a note asking her postie not to deliver the newspaper.

She added: "There are plenty of bins out due to bin collection day."

While Dave Williams tweeted: "Thank you to @WarringtonBC  for providing me with a blue bin to stick my free copy of that rag @TheSunNewspaper  #Warrington". 

Garstonian added he was 'disgusted' to find The Sun on his mat in Warrington.