A 17-YEAR-OLD slashed across the face at an Orford house party told a court he is waiting to see if he will be able to smile properly again.

The teenager gave evidence at Warrington Crown Court on Tuesday as the man accused of the assault was found not guilty of the attack.

He described being violently stabbed with broken glass in his right cheek at a Boxing Day party, last year, leaving a 7cm wound.

It penetrated muscle, and split an artery, damaging facial movement.

Gary Murphy, aged 30, of St Stephen’s Avenue, Orford, had denied one count of unlawful wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Mr Murphy said he was not involved and was also assaulted at the party, during which there were several ‘fights’.

Oliver King, prosecuting, called the trial a case of ‘whodunnit’.

He said: “The defendant admits being at the party, but denies being responsible for the attack.”
Mr King asked the teenager if he was waiting for confirmation to see if the scar would have a permanent effect on his ability to smile.

The victim, who has a large scar across the right side of his face, said he was waiting for more hospital appointments to find out.

He said he left the party after arguments between several women began to escalate.

He described being followed by a man called Dale Morris, known as ‘Chesney’, who punched him, and then being stabbed.

A witness for the prosecution told the court he saw Mr Murphy smash a vase inside the house.
Sarah Griffin, defending, cross-examined the victim.

She said he could not be sure it was Mr Murphy who attacked him as ‘it happened so quickly’, and the victim was drunk.

Ms Griffin suggested he put ‘two and two together’, after seeing the defendant at the party, which was a ‘mess’.

Mr King said the victim was able to give a ‘good description’ of his attacker, who was wearing a ‘navy blue body-warmer’.

The court heard Mr Murphy was wearing clothing matching that description.

On January 10, the defendant was picked out by the victim during an identity parade with Cheshire Police at Arpley Street police station.

But a jury found Mr Murphy not guilty of the unlawful wounding.