A MAN, who punched a stranger with such force that he broke his own hand in a unprovoked attack, has been sentenced to two years in prison at Warrington Crown Court. 

Lee McDonald, of Watkin Street, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to a 32-year-old man but cannot remember the assault as he was too drunk at the time.

The court heard how the victim had arrived at the Lord Rodney pub at 3pm on August 31 to meet up with a couple of friends and was stood at the bar when McDonald walked in at around 8.30pm.

CCTV captured McDonald greet a couple friends before standing behind the victim at the bar.

It remains unclear what instigated the attack but McDonald can be seen repeatedly punching the victim in the face before he collapsed on the floor.

Prosecuting, Sarah Morgan said: “The victim does not recollect the incident as he was knocked unconscious.”

The victim was taken to Warrington Hospital by ambulance and was treated for a double fracture to his jaw and needed an operation.

The victim, who spent three days in hospital following the attack, has been ‘left with psychological damage’ and is ‘worried about going out’, the court heard.

McDonald, who has previous convictions for GBH and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, was arrested on October 6 following an appeal published in the Warrington Guardian.

Defending, John Banasko said: “It is the defendant’s perception that the victim appeared to be blocking the view to the bar or that something was said by the victim to the defendant.”

But Judge Nicholas Woodward dismissed this, claiming that there was nothing in the body language to suggest that and described it as ‘a wholly unprovoked and severe attack’ by McDonald, who turned up to court with a bin bag of clothes.

Sentencing, Judge Woodward said: “You are 26 years of age and you already have a bad record. But you have pleaded guilty to this nasty offence and you have expressed remorse.”

Speaking about the victim’s injuries, Judge Woodward added: “He has been left with the inevitable psychological damage that people will feel when they have been subjected to such an attack.”