NEW orders which aim to help victims of domestic violence in the immediate aftermath of an incident have been launched.

Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPN) and Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPO) are being rolled out by Cheshire Police.

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Wenham who is responsible for the launch in Cheshire said: "Domestic violence is a heinous crime which leaves people living in fear in the one place that they should feel safe, their own home.

“This is an invaluable new tool for our officers as it allows them to act swiftly to protect those at risk of violence from their partner.

“The provision of a notice, followed by an order will afford the victim breathing space to seek support and assess their options. During this time we will talk to the victim about what is best for them and what they want to do."

A DVPN is given to someone after arrest and they pose significant risk of harm if they return home.

An order can then be given with a condition stopping an offender intimidating or harassing the victim and can include restrictions on returning home for 14 to 28 days.

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