IF you vote, you may decide in both the local and european elections, which of the old failed parties, Lib Dem, Tory or Labour, you want to handle the effects of the failure of immigration controls.

Currently, 4,000 a week enter Britain from the EU according to the Office of National Statistics on February 27, 2014.

Locally, this will put a strain on our schools, hospitals, housing and a host of other services.

UKIP is the only party to tell the truth, and nail the shameless lies told about us.

We will continue to work for the UK's withdrawal from the EU - we do not wish to be one of The United States of Europe.

We have candidates in 14 of the 19 local Warrington wards, and eight prospective candidate Members of the European Parliament.

In 2015, we have two prospective parliamentary candidates, for Warrington North and South, respectively, Andrew Fairfoull and James Ashington.

We want our country back.