THE Future Tech Studio already has a waiting list of students keen to make their mark in the IT, telecommunications, business, finance and engineering industries.

But now the foundations are being put in place to ensure that Warrington’s first studio school has the building to match the ambitious students, who will begin their studies in September.

A ground breaking ceremony was held at the site behind the Warrington Collegiate’s business school on Thursday to celebrate the start of the building project.

The school’s principal Lee Barber said he was confident that this was ‘the start of something quite special here at the Future Tech Studio School’.

The event was also attended by the BBC’s 2013 Apprentice candidate Neil Clough from Woolston, whose nephew Charlie Markert, aged 16, will be starting at the school in September.

The businessman, who survived the competition until the semi final before being shown the door by Lord Alan Sugar, hailed the school as ‘exceptional’.

He added: “I was recently asked what tip I would give someone if they were starting a business and my advice would be to surround myself with a network of people who can open doors and opportunities.

“Although, the Future Tech isn’t a business as such, it has done just that. It has surrounded itself with local businesses and with opportunities for all students to be able to go on to further their careers and step into the world of employment.”