A SAME sex couple have said they were appalled to be told they could not hire a motor boat in Chester and accused the firm of being homophobic.

Great Sankey pair Sian and Angela Percival-Edwards, who have been married for 18 months, said the experience on bank holiday Monday left them furious with River Dee company Chester Boat Hire.

Sian, aged 34, said: “We wandered down to the water front and decided to hire a boat with an engine on the back.

“They said they didn’t allow same sex groups on the river so we said what about a married couple but they said their insurance doesn’t cover it.

“I could understand if we were a group of four or five young girls or lads but we’re in our 30s and both have professional jobs.

“It’s not fair and not equal.

“We live in the 21st century and they’re discriminating against us.”

Sian, who works as a charity manager and Angela, a project manager, said a group of five women were using a pedalo as they left and they found a review on Tripadvisor also calling the company homophobic when they got home.

Sian added: “It’s just wrong and I’m so close to getting my solicitors involved.

“You can’t do this to people and think it’s okay to treat them this way.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before and we were in too much shock to do anything other than go home from our day out.”

Chester Boat Hire were unavailable to comment.