A PUPPY from Culcheth is believed to be the latest victim of a deadly disease outbreak.

At least two dogs from neighbouring Leigh have been confirmed as having died from the mysterious Alabama Rot disease.

The seven-month-old puppy, who died earlier this week, is believed to be the latest victim.

Vets from across the area met with Wigan Council on Monday night to discuss the matter.

Several other suspected cases of the disease are currently being investigated.

Dog owners are now trying to spread awareness of the disease and the effects it can have.

Exactly where the confirmed cases are thought to have contracted the deadly disease is unclear but suspected cases have been reported from Pennington Flash and Lilford Woods .

Little is known about the cause of the disease but dog owners have been warned to stay away from wooded areas and to wash their pets and shoes down after a walk.

A residents’ meeting has also been held to discuss the outbreak.

Lloyd Davies, veterinary surgeon at MyPetsVets in Leigh said: “I believe there have now been three confirmed cases and we have treated several others that we suspect may be related.

“It is very hard to give specific advice because so little is known about the disease.”