ONE in ten primary school pupils in Warrington were not offered a place at their first choice primary school, the Warrington Guardian can reveal.

While most of the 2,555 pupils who applied for a primary school reception place across Warrington found out that they had been accepted by their first preference, this was not the case for an unlucky few.

According to figures provided by Warrington Borough Council, 10.7 per cent of pupils have missed out on attending their parents’ preferred choice of school in September.

This has left 274 families disappointed after they were unable to secure their number one preference for their four-year-old come September.

One hundred and forty-one pupils were offered a place at their second choice school, accounting for around 5.5 per cent of applicants.

Figures also reveal that 5.5 per cent were only offered a place at their third choice and 2.7 per cent were handed a place at school they did not list in their preferences.

Sarah Callaghan, operational director of children’s and young people’s universal services, said: “The fact is that almost 90 per cent getting their first preference and 97.3 per cent getting one of their top three preferences is a fantastic achievement that is bucking the national trend.

“We are planning expansions of some our most popular schools to meet demand which will enable Warrington be in a good position again next year.”

Places are allocated by the council using an admissions policy if a school is oversubscribed.

Pupils with elder brothers or sisters already attending the preferred choice and pupils who have medical advice in support of admission to a particular school are given priority Where you live in relation to the school is also taken into account and children in care and children formerly in care are also prioritised.

If parents aren’t happy with the decision they have the opportunity to appeal.

The deadline will close on May 9.

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