HER passion was folk music, until the final moments she lost her battle with cancer.

That is the story of Maggie Goodall, a popular singer in Warrington, who organised and performed at weekly folk music clubs at various pubs across the town.

She drew in crowds at the Pickering Arms in Thelwall, The Appleton Thorn, and The Railway in Heatley, Lymm, well known for her ‘beautiful’ voice.

The mum-of-one, aged 67, died on March 20, after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time five months earlier.

Husband Rod, aged 67, of Bell Lane, Thelwall, has now sold CDs of her original recordings to raise money for the hospice that cared for her.

Eager fans have purchased 100 albums, with £1000 raised for St Rocco’s.

He said: “Our neighbour Jim would record the whole night and ended up with 40 or 50 songs.

“He said he would make 100 and I said if you do that, we’ll sell them and give the money to Rocco’s.

“They have all gone, and some have been sold as far away as Ireland.

“People are already asking if they can get anymore.”

“Maggie would hear music, listen to it, and then play it in her own way.

“She was always happy, and always welcoming to everyone to encourage them to play.”

Neighbour and friend Jim Berry, aged 65, of Bell Lane, made some of the recordings in the eighties when Maggie supported other folk artists.

She featured on recordings by professional singer Martyn Wyndham-Read.

Jim said: “I made the recordings over 20 years.

“Maggie was brilliant - I’ve been a lover of folk for over 50 years and she is the finest female singer I have ever heard.”

Some of the CDs were sold at her funeral, with music from them also played during a service which focused on her love of folk music.

It featured songs like ‘Turn Turn Turn’ by The Byrds.

Friend Jim Froggatt, who along with brothers Colin and Norman joined Maggie at folk clubs, gave a reading from book ‘Maggie’s Life In Her Own Words’.

Rod said his wife knew she was going to die after being admitted to Roccos before Christmas, so decided to write a book about her own life.

He added: “It was amazing really, she still knew what was going on and wanted to write everything down from the day she was born.

“She was amazing.”