A MUM is calling on help to make her daughter’s dreams of following in the footsteps of Kate Winslet come true.

Megan Bradley, aged 13, has been offered a place at the prestigious Redroofs Theatre School in Maidstone where the Oscar winner was once head girl.

But the specialist training for Megan, of Pewterspear Green Road, Appleton, comes at a cost with her family looking at £20,000 per year.

Mum Lesley wants to repay her daughter after the Bridgewater High School pupil was such a support to the family but her place is only open until next Thursday, April 24.

“When her 11-year-old brother Louis was four and a half he was diagnosed with leukaemia,” said Lesley. “Megan was six and through that time he went through three years of treatment.

“Megan was pushed from pillar to post yet she just got on with it and throughout supported us all and didn’t moan and carried on with her performing.

“She has always done things for other people and when she gets an opportunity she just deserves it. She has been such a success and to get her in a position like this it breaks my heart I can’t do this for her.”

Megan has also been supporting her half sister Tilly, who has Down’s Syndrome, who passed her grade one performing arts exam at their drama school Little Stars.

And Megan has already had a taste of success on stage as she won a part in Oliver which ran in Manchester two years ago.

Lesley added: “We pursued full scholarship not getting our hopes up too much as the standard is so high.

“She went to Italia Conti and a couple of weeks later went to Redroofs. The two offers came through for part scholarships and we thought how can we say no?

“We only went for full scholarship because we can’t afford to pay the full price.

“It would set her up for life with the best training bearing in mind she is only 13 and has her sights set on what she wants to do.

“She fell in love with Redroofs and it is in the suburbs rather than central London.

“We won’t be able to raise the funds with the fundraisers we would do.

“Even just if we could just fund the first year it would help then that first year we could keep saving.”

If you can help Megan contact Lesley by e-mailing lesleybradley@talktalk.net.