FIRE crews had to rescue a man who had climbed 60 feet up a tree after a cat in Penketh.

The alarm was raised at 11.05pm on Tuesday after the pet rescuer got stuck and needed the help of 10 firefighters and the aerial appliance to get him down.

Meeting Lane was closed during the incident as crews helped the man before also rescuing the kitten.

Witnesses have said unlucky cat Clover had been in the tree for more than 24 hours and was too weak and scared to move.

Her owner has been described as 'distraught with worry' for two days after the cat, who has only just been spayed, managed to escape when Macey, the family's pet dog, had opened the door to let herself in from the back garden.

After handing out flyers about the missing pet and posting messages on Facebook, the owner was contacted by a man who had spotted a black cat stuck up a tree on Meeting Lane. 

The witness added: "It was clear Clover was in a very distressed state. 

"One resident scaled almost 30ft up the tree, then tried to secure a ladder a further 10ft up the tree but this was still not high enough.

"Another resident volunteered to climb up the tree as he was a little younger and nimble, unfortunately, after climbing up 20ft he soon realised this was no easy task and found himself in the same position as Clover."

Residents then called Cheshire Fire to help the young rescuer down to safety and after seeking authorisation was given permission to use an aerial appliance to save the cat too. 

The owner has since thanked and praised everyone for their efforts and told witnesses Clover has now fully recovered from her ordeal...although outdoor pursuits may be off her agenda for a little while.