CONCERNED parents, pupils and children have united to launch a campaign to make Lodge Lane safer.

Since the school lollipop lady, Joan Birchall, retired in December, the Bewsey Lodge Primary School has been left without a school crossing patrol officer, which has sparked worry in a number of parents.

Mum of four Jennifer Melling from Dallam walks to the school twice a day to drop off and pick up her children and has urged the council to act now before a fatal accident happens.

She said: “Something must be done. Cars are flying down the road at such a high speed and people don’t know what the speed limit is as there’s no signs.

“We need a crossing. We have been told by the council that we do not qualify for a lollipop lady but they need to do something.

“All parents think we need something to happen on the road and I won’t stop until something changes.”

The school’s eco-team, comprising of pupils from year two to year six, are backing the campaign and recently handed a petition to the council with more than 100 signatures, asking for zig zag lines directly outside the school, which the council has agreed to.

Year six pupil Kieran Dack, who is the school travel safety monitor, said: “We are really happy the council has listened to us but we still need them to do more.”

Pupils have since created posters to support the campaign, which have been displayed around the village.

Kelly Roberts, who is a higher learning teaching assistant at the school, said: “It’s not the amount of traffic that comes down the road, it’s the speed.

“It’s a 20 mph road but people travel a lot faster than that. It’s not safe. Councillor Pat Wright is backing our campaign because she knows how passionate we are about it.”

A council spokesman said: “This site has fallen below the current minimum criteria needed for a replacement school crossing patrol.

“However, we have met with the school and parents to discuss concerns relating to traffic and will continue to work with them as we monitor the situation.”