A LIBERAL Democrat councillor is calling on Warrington Borough Council to extend its green bin collections.

Clr Brian Axcell, the group’s environment spokesman, raised the issue of the winter break for green bin collections at a council meeting last week.

He said: “Due to the late autumn last year households were generating green waste after the suspension of green bin collections for the winter period. When the collections started up again a couple of weeks ago, there were problems in certain areas because the bins were too full.

“I realise there is less demand for green waste collection in the winter and I know the staff are required for other duties. I am also aware that the community recycling centres are open during the winter for taking green waste but I wonder how many people bother to use them?

“I want the council to look at extending the collection period by a few weeks and I am pleased they say they will look at the feasibility of doing this.”