SIXTY years later after they married, Myra and Geoff McDonald from Burtonwood are still as madly in love as the day they met.

The happy couple, of Pinewood Road, will celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary today, April 3, after enjoying 60 years of wedded bliss.

Geoff, aged 83, said: “I can remember the first time I met Myra. We were all watching the coronation at my house.

“We had invited everyone round to mine as we were the only people in the village to have a television and we had just recently moved to Burtonwood. We have been together since then.”

Myra, aged 79, added: “We courted for three and a half months and then he asked me to marry him at Christmas. We were married in the April and it was a lovely but quiet ceremony.

“We actually planned the wedding in two and a half weeks. It all happened very quickly.”

The couple wed at St Michael’s Church in Burtonwood when Myra was aged 19 and Geoff was aged 23.

“We just had a good knees up at home after the ceremony,” remembered Geoff.

For the past six decades, the couple have never left each other’s side but joked that they didn’t know what the secret was to a happy marriage and how they had survived the test of time.

“I have just put with him. That’s the secret,” laughed Myra. “I’m not even sure what attracted me to him the first place as it was so long ago.”

The couple, who still make each other laugh all these years later, have two children, five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.