EDUCATION Secretary Michael Gove was full of praise for Great Sankey High School when he visited the school on Thursday.

After touring the school and speaking with both teachers and pupils, Mr Gove hailed the school on Barrow Hall Lane as one of the best schools he had visited.

He added: “The school is amazing. I’m just blown away by the quality of the leadership, by the commitment of the students and by the way in which students of every ability and every interest are catered for in an environment that really values them. It is fantastic.”

Warrington South MP David Mowat accompanied Mr Gove on the tour and described the school as an ‘impressive place’.

Executive head teacher Alan Davies said: “It’s a great honour. We are delighted we were given the opportunity because we know how good this school is and it’s lovely to get that affirmation.

“For Michael Gove to say this is one of the best schools he has ever visited during his time as secretary of state is a testimony to the staff and pupils at the school.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without our staff who are an amazing group of people and our fantastic students.”

During his visit to Warrington, Mr Gove spoke to the Warrington Guardian about the importance of providing a range of opportunities so that the younger generations can flourish.

He said: “I think it’s important that there is a choice and it is also important that we recognise that here at Great Sankey you have got a centre supported by the RAC that is providing really high quality technical and vocational education.

“The University Technical College will complement that and I think in particular it’s focus on energy engineering will ensure that there are some students that will be able to get the qualifications they need to contribute to the growth of investment in the areas like nuclear and other energy generations.

“Every time I talk to David he underlines to me that Warrington has an enormous amount of talent among its young people and the more opportunities they are offered to flourish the better.”