A COUPLE who have never spent a day apart celebrates 60 years of marriage today - after a shocking burglary that threatened to ruin their big day.

Audrey and Brian Weaver, who live in Woolston, are determined to enjoy their 60th wedding anniversary today, but plans for a trip away were cancelled after three men broke into their home as the pensioners sat and watched television at 6pm.

After going to investigate the sound of broken glass, heroic husband Brian, aged 81, managed to fight off the intruders.

He was attacked after finding a man standing in his house claiming to have to come to help after also hearing the sound of breaking glass.

Former gamekeeper Brian said: "As I came out from the back room he dove through the front door and said some lads have just smashed your window.

"I said 'it was you', and jumped on his back.

"People say I was daft but I had to do something."

Unknown to Brian, other thieves were already upstairs, ransacking drawers for jewellery.

Audrey, aged 78, was in the front room.

Brian, who suffered a bite mark to his hand, and bruising to a shoulder, said: "I saw three lads on the stairs and thought 'I've had it now' then everything after that is a blank.

"I wasn't being brave, I was just thinking of Audrey, of her coming in from the other room.

"To me I was just looking after my house."

The incident happened on January 10. Brian has been unable to sleep since.

Audrey said her grandmother's 'irreplaceable' engagement rings were stolen.

"My husband is 81 and shouldn't have to deal with this. It was horrible."

Police are investigating. Anyone with information can call them on 101.

THEIR eyes first met over a football field in 1953.

Audrey Weaver was watching future husband Brian play at Crosfields Recreation Club. They married less than a year later.

Audrey said: "It was love at first sight.

"Straight away we had a sense of how important having one another was.

"He was a boy that brought himself up and I was a girl that did exactly the same."

Audrey and Brian married on March 27, 1954, at Warrington Parish Church.

Their first home was in Fearnhead where they lived for 18 years, before moving to Woolston.

They have one son, John Weaver, a small family a result of focusing much of their time on each other, both working as gamekeepers in the area, and collecting 'brilliant' pictures.

Audrey added: "We gave up on the idea of celebrating but I like cards and I like everyone knowing there's an occasion."

THE Warrington Guardian has arranged a surprise evening for Audrey and Brian Weaver to celebrate their diamond wedding.

They will enjoy a complimentary three course meal with champagne at Le Bistro Pierre in Stockton Heath.

The loved up couple will be joined by son John and daughter-in-law Catherine.

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