A MAN has been found guilty of performing a sex act on himself sat in the cubicle of ladies pub toilets with the door open.

Luke Roberts, aged 32, of Weymouth Close, Murdishaw, was seen by a woman when she entered the toilets in the White Hart pub on Sankey Street.

Witnesses described walking into find him sat on a toilet in a cubicle, with trousers and pants pulled down, touching himself sexually and ‘groaning’.

Pub staff were alerted and Roberts was thrown out at 9.30pm on December 6 last year.

He was convicted of indecent exposure at Halton Magistrates Court last Wednesday.

One woman was described as ‘white and shaking’ after seeing Roberts.

The defendant, who told the court he also lives at Greenwood Crescent, Orford, had denied the charge.

He claimed to be drunk and ‘light headed’ after smoking a cigarette, and went into the toilet to be sick.

Defending himself, Roberts said: “I don’t usually smoke but I went outside for a cigarette.

“I remember making my way to the toilet.

“I remember trying to compose myself.

“I had my pants down.

“I was sat on the toilet and my parts would have been visible.

However, when cross-examined by Ali Sarwar, prosecuting, Roberts could not explain why he had removed his trousers and underwear, if he was going to be sick.

The defendant answered: “That’s just what you do when you go into a toilet. I don’t know, I was drunk.”

He added: “I was in a stupidly drunken state but I have not gone into toilets to expose myself to anybody deliberately.

“I’m ashamed I’m here now.”

No vomit was found in the toilet, the court heard.

Roberts said he regularly visited the pub, and knew the male toilet is situated upstairs. The ladies’ toilet is on the ground floor.

The defendant said he had visited Warrington to pick up blinds from Ikea, and had gone for a drink in the White Hart before getting the train back to Runcorn East.

The court heard during his police interview, Roberts said he could not remember anything about the incident.

He was found guilty by magistrates of indecent exposure, and not guilty on a second allegation of threatening behaviour.

The hearing was adjourned for reports.

Roberts will be sentenced on March 26.