A GLASS of whisky before bed, eating ‘normally’ and keeping your brain active are some of the longevity tips from one of the town’s residents aged over 90.

Figures reported in the Warrington Guardian earlier this year found more than 1,000 people currently living in Warrington are aged 90 plus including 1,000 women and 300 men.

Granddad Wilf Wood, from Orford, said he could not shed any light on why so many women are living for longer than men in the town but does believe a big part of longevity is in your genes.

The 91-year-old, who has recently been learning to play the ukulele thanks to sessions at Lifetime at the Gateway in the town centre, added: “My whole family lived long lives and all got to around 89-years-old.

“I have lived a normal life and enjoyed my life eating the food I like and meeting people in groups keeps me going.

“It’s a very different world now to when I was growing up and a place like this for pensioners would have been unheard of when I was growing up.

“The volunteers here are fabulous and I think it’s great the way old aged pensioners are looked after now.”

The former coppersmith at the Vulcan Works has been visiting Lifetime twice a week since it opened last summer whether it is for classes or just a cuppa.

Members aged over 50 can learn new skills including making ceramics, crochet and textile techniques or join in with sessions around their favourite hobby including a music group or spending a morning playing games.

Wilf, whose wife June died five years ago after 57 years of happy marriage, added: “I used to play the ukulele when I was a young man after my father taught me but I had forgotten it all before I came to this group.

“I really enjoy coming here and it’s made a huge difference to my life as the people here are so happy and it keeps my brain active.”

WILF’S top longevity tips:

  • A glass of whisky before bed Wilf added: “A small glass each night helps you get to sleep.
  • Keep your brain active Joining groups and meeting new people keeps you going, according to Wilf
  • Be lucky Wilf was in Italy and Africa during the Second World War and says he was lucky to come out unscathed
  • Eat normally Wilf says he has never been on a diet in his life and eats what he likes
  • Keep your body active The granddad-of-two was still regularly swimming up until three months ago when he was under doctor’s orders to stop after catching pneumonia
  • Surround yourself with friends Wilf is well-known by many in the town and often spends time having a laugh and a joke with friends on benches in Golden Square
  • Get plenty of sunshine Wilf and his wife June would spend six weeks in the winter in Spain.