RESIDENTS in Warrington are being warned more gales could be heading their way today, Friday.

While not as severe as the storm which hit on Wednesday, the Met Office says a storm is moving north through the UK today.

It could hit Warrington in the evening, with heavy winds likely through the night and rain predicted throughout the day.

Already today Bent Lane in Heatley is partially blocked due to a fallen tree, close to the Green Dragon pub.

Meanwhile the town is continuing to pick up the pieces from Wednesday's severe weather.

Then, Warrington Central Station was forced to close while the town became gridlocked with the Thelwall Viaduct closed over the M6.

A school bus, with just a driver onboard, was hit by a falling tree in Appleton, forcing London Road to close for some hours.

Cheshire Police said they had one of the busiest nights on call.

While fallen trees have also shut paths around Lymm Dam.

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