A SHORTAGE of primary school places in Warrington is set to be reduced with more places to be created in the coming years.

But despite millions of pounds from the Government to tackle the schools shortage, more funding is still needed to meet the increasing demand in the area.

School across the country have struggled to keep up with the rapid population growth due to years of under-investment in schools.

Warrington Borough Council will receive approximately £10.5m to invest in creating additional school places for primary schools between 2014 and 2017.

By September 2015, 15 additional places will be created in reception classes across Bewsey and Whitecross.

Thirty places will be added to reception classes by September 2016 in Westbrook and Whittle Hall.

Helen Jones Warrington North MP welcomed the news that more places would be created but said the Government are failing in their basic duty.

She added: “It is very clear that having stopped the school building programme after 2010, this Government is refusing to allocate enough money to fund the places we need in Warrington.

“It is surprising that they can find money for lots of educational initiatives but fail in their basic duty to provide enough school places especially in primary schools. Once again Warrington is losing out.”

David Mowat Warrington South MP is due to meet with council bosses next week to discuss the shortage of places for primary school children, He said: “It’s disappointing that, despite the additional £10.5m investment, the council still doesn’t feel able to guarantee each child a primary school place.

A council spokesman said the funding allowed the council to plan ahead and will aid them in creating the additional school places that are needed in Warrington.

“We will be discussing options with schools and other stakeholders to develop the best approach to creating the places so they are available when we need them.

“This amount is calculated based on a formula of how many places we are forecasted to need. It is likely we will still need to find additional sources of funding.”