AN Old Hall family are calling on the town to give blood after discovering for themselves how vitally important it is while four-year-old Jenson Wright battles cancer.

The Callands Primary School youngster has been battling lymphoma after mum Carolyn spotted a swelling on his jawline in October.

He appeared in the Warrington Guardian in January after his family and friends vowed to ‘give something back’ during his treatment with a team of 18 taking part in the dryathlon to raise cash for Cancer Research.

Carolyn said she has been stunned by the response after the group gave up booze during January and raised more than £6,000.

The 41-year-old is now hoping her campaign for more people to donate blood receives a similar response after Jenson undergoes his third blood transfusion since his chemotherapy treatment began.

Carolyn, who will be donating blood at St James Church in Great Sankey on March 21 with family, added: “I was never someone who gave blood before but now I’ve seen just how important it is and individuals can only donate a few times a year so we need lots of people doing it.

“The chemotherapy he is having means healthy blood cells are being killed off and need replacing and his immunity is so low he was in hospital for four days last week just with a common cold.

“We don’t know how many more times he’s going to need a transfusion so it’s really important to us to give something back.”

As previously reported, Jenson’s granddad Reg was diagnosed with cancer two days before Jenson but the family are now hoping he is on the road to recovery.

Carolyn, who has met fellow Warrington cancer fighter Parker Royle at Alder Hey, added: “We have got our fingers crossed but Jenson’s granddad is much more like his normal self now.

“Jenson has got high doses of chemo every other week for two months but we count ourselves lucky sometimes when we see what others have had to have.

“Since he has been in the paper we can’t walk through town without him being stopped and the support has been fantastic.

“His chemo trial is due to start on his fifth birthday next week but we’re hoping to have some early celebrations together before the next stage begins.”

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