A GRAPPENHALL based engineering innovator has been detailing his solution to protect homes from flooding to MP David Mowat.

Paul Price, of Contego Design Solutions Ltd has designed a new type of door hinge which allows the door to form a watertight seal when closed.

The design of conventional door hinges leaves a small gap between the door itself and the frame, which prevents a seal from being formed.

Having water-tight doors would let homeowners keep floodwater out of their home entirely or at least to contain it in a single room.

The Warrington South MP said: “We’ve all seen on our TV screens recently what a devastating impact flooding can have on homes and properties.

Those whose homes have been flooded often have to wait months before they can live there again.

“Paul’s solution looks simple to fit and is comparatively cheap when compared to the huge financial and emotional costs of having your home flooded.”

Paul added: “I’m delighted that David has seen the potential of this product. Flooding costs the economy around £1 billion per year. While we cannot hold back nature, we can at least help families and small businesses protect what is most important to them.”