YOU have washed your child’s clothes, fed them, tidied up and after some persuading finally got them to bed.

Life can often be hectic for any mum but imagine having double or even triple the trouble at home.

That is the situation facing a number of mums with twins and triplets from Warrington and Widnes who are now appealing for help finding a venue to host their toddler and baby group ‘Mad about Multiples’.

After initially chatting over Facebook and meeting up in pubs and each other’s homes, the group now has 15 members and is looking for a venue, particularly in Penketh, where their children can play together and mums can talk over a brew.

Teacher Helen Boyes, from Widnes, has one-year-old triplets Freya, Ava and Liam as well six-year-old Daniel and five-year-old Thomas and says the group is a great help.

She added: “There’s more mums with twins and triplets than you would think and it started off with messages over Facebook and people started telling us about other mums with twins for us to get in touch with.

“Some of us have struggled to get to the usual baby groups so we used to meet at the pub or someone’s house.

“There’s 15 of us now so we have got to the point where we’re looking for a place for meetings but we don’t have any funds as of yet.

“It’s always really nice to have conversations with people who understand what you’re going through.

“It’s so different to having a single child and we all muck in with the other children when we meet so if one is crying there’s always someone to help.

“Triplets can be triple the trouble but they’re also triple the fun!”

The group are looking for a venue on Friday mornings either fortnightly or monthly and ideally somewhere that allows prams inside.

Anyone that can help should e-mail