A NEW bowel cancer campaign is hoping to save more lives by spreading the importance of cancer screenings.

Warrington’s public health team is encouraging people aged 60 to 74 to not ignore their test when it arrives in the post, as the earlier changes in the bowel are detected the more effective treatments can be.

Around 98 in 100 people will receive a normal result.

If abnormal results are detected further tests will be taken and treatment commenced.

Dr Sue Burke, GP ‘Champion for cancer’ said: “The purpose of bowel screening is to detect bowel cancer at an early stage (in people with no symptoms), when treatment is more likely to be effective so it is really important that people take part and find out more about the process to dispel any myths and to gain reassurance.

“Regular bowel cancer screening has been shown to reduce the risk of dying from bowel cancer by 16 per cent.

“Furthermore, if bowel cancer is diagnosed in its earliest stages, the chance of surviving a further five years is 93 per cent and treatment may be easier.”

For general information call the free national bowel screening helpline number on 0800 707 6060.

A series of bowel cancer events are also being held across the town.

Visit the Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub, Jubilee Way on Wednesday from 10am to 4pm and the Warrington Islamic Association, Lockton Lane on Friday from 12.30 to 4pm.

Representatives will also be behind the Co-op in Latchford Village on February 4 from 10am to 1pm and Stockton Heath town centre from 2 to 4pm and at the Life Time at The Gateway, Sankey Street on February 20 from 10am to 4pm.