A TRIAL that will see police wear cameras to record incidents and arrests has started in Warrington today, Tuesday.

The pilot scheme will see officers from Cheshire Police wear a small camera on their bodies while dealing with crime in the town.

Bosses say the cameras, costing £299 each, will be used at the discretion of officers to film suspects.

Chf Insp Giles Orton said the cameras will not record constantly, but can be switched on when deemed necessary.

Anyone being filmed must be informed when it is switched on, and switched off, he said.

Chf Insp Orton wants cameras to be used ‘overtly, not covertly’.

He believes it will help improve relations between the public and police, ‘changing attitudes’ when people know they are being recorded.

Cameras will be used to record a ‘broad range’ of incidents including anti-social behaviour in the town centre, domestic abuse and social care issues like neglect.

Twenty four will be used, 12 by the town centre unit, and 12 by Warrngton Central NPU, which covers Orford, Howley, Fairfield, Poplars and Hulme.

The footage can be used as part of a criminal prosecution.

Any footage not being used in an investigation must be deleted within 30 days.

Police say the move has been backed by Warrington Borough Council and Pubwatch.

John Dwyer, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, is also in support.

For the full story, see Thursday’s Warrington Guardian.