A BONE fragment found in Winchester may belong to Edward the Elder, archaeologists say.

Edward famously declared Thelwall a ‘city’ in 923 after building a military fort there as a defence against the invading Danes. Evidence of which, can still be found on the outside of the Pickering Arms pub today.

The label continues to spark fierce debate, where some argue it has been mistranslated, others consider it to be the smallest city in the United Kingdom.

Edward the Elder became the king of England after his father, Alfred the Great died in 899 and experts believe the remains found belong to either Edward or his father.

Hyde900, the university and community group behind the search, helped to exhume the piece of pelvic bone from the ‘unmarked grave’, in the grounds of St Bartholomew's Church in Winchester.

The team is now calling for further excavations at Hyde Abbey Gardens as the hunt for more remains continues.