A BRAVE tot has surprised a number of medical experts with his strength and courage as he battles prostate cancer but his parents always knew he would come out fighting.

Parker Royle, who has spent a huge chunk of his life undergoing chemotherapy, has defied the odds and responded well to recent cancer treatment.

Mum Alexandria Mckenzie, from Great Sankey, said: “It really is a miracle. When I was told that the tumour had shrunk, I didn’t know what to say.

“This is not the end though, and we know that, but it’s such a relief. I couldn’t stop crying for days.

“He has also had his catheter removed. I have never been so happy to change a dirty nappy.”

The 16-month-old was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma in the prostate shortly after celebrating his first birthday.

But despite the news that the five and a half centimetre tumour had reduced in size, the fight is far from over.

Parker is due to undergo proton radiotherapy abroad - a type of therapy which destroys cancer cells while not attacking surrounding healthy tissue nearly as much as traditional radiation therapy.

“It’s a big waiting game as we don’t know when we will go. We also don’t know if the treatment will be funded by the NHS.

“Proton radiotherapy could range from £50,000 to £250,000, if we have to fund it ourselves and then we will have to pay for travel and accommodation.”

Since the diagnosis when he was 13-months-old, the tot has spent most of his time at Alder Hey Hospital, undergoing countless sessions of chemotherapy and three blood transfusions.

“This is just the first leg of the treatment which is over. We still aren’t sure if his organs are going to be saved,” said the 29-year-old.

“The cancer is still there and we want as many people behind us, giving blood and support, whilst we fight it together.”

Last month, more than 300 of the tot’s friends and family donated blood in his name, calling it a pint for Parker.

But the help has not stopped there and Alexandria and Parker’s dad Stephen Royle, aged 32, have been left astounded by the unrelenting support from their loved ones.

“I have never asked anyone for anything but they have all got together to help. It is just incredible,” said Alexandria.

To raise money to help fund Parker’s treatment as well as continue to support the tireless work of the staff at Alder Hey Hospital, a fundraiser has been organised at Richmonds Social Club in Richmond Street on January 24 at 7.30pm.

For more details call Rebecca Jones on 07920 824678.

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