A BUTCHER has created a Polish section on his stall and trebled his customers from Eastern Europe.

Gareth Jones from Singletons in Warrington Market has always sold Polish food to cater for the older generation who settled here after the war.

But some of the thousands of new workers in Warrington were asking for a taste of the homeland - so Gareth sourced supplies from London, which has a large Polish community.

"I get around 40 to 50 Polish customers a day," said the 46-year-old. "Wednesday is the most popular because we do the black bread made from rye rather than wheat. They find our bread too doughy."

Poland is famed for its sausages and the stall has plenty of variety.

The Warrington Guardian tried Pek Kababnos, which was like a rustic Pepperami, and Boczek, tasty cured pork that was like Pancetta, the popular Italian pork.

Also available were Polish gherkins, beetroot soup, and sweets like plums in chocolate - which were excellent. And there is plenty of syrup. "Put some vodka in some cherry syrup. It's beautiful," said Gareth.

Polish food is traditional and largely free from additives or sweeteners, and Mr Jones said people who want to try it before buying it should just ask.

He is already planning ahead for bringing in food when the next countries join the EU.