THE Queen and Duke of Edinburgh celebrated their blue sapphire wedding anniversary with a night out at the theatre for the Royal Variety Performance.

But Stan Armitage spent his special day celebrating his 65th wedding anniversary to Theresa in theatre after undergoing an operation.

The couple, of Aspen Grove, Paddington, married 65 years ago yesterday, December 6, on a cold day at St Elphin’s Church.

But sadly the couple do not have cherished photographs to look back on their happy day.

Theresa said: “We had two cameras taking pictures and none of them turned out. It was a big disappointment.”

Stan and Theresa, now both aged 84, met one night after watching a film at the Grand Cinema. Theresa and her friend left and following on was Stan and his friend.

“We walked up Bridge Street and they followed us and that’s how we got to talking,” she added.

After tying the knot the couple lived with Stan’s parents for nine years while raising two of their three children.

Orford is where the couple had their first own home while Stan worked as a BT inspector and Theresa worked at Woolworths.

They moved to mid-Wales and lived there for many years before returning to Warrington four years ago to be closer to their family.

Throughout their time together love has certainly been in the air for these two with Stan’s passion for flying.

Theresa said: “He used to fly model aircraft and Stan was also a pilot just for pleasure on light aircraft. I have been flying with him a couple of times but I don’t like flying in light aircraft.

“We have done some travelling together as well including trips to America and Canada where Stan has family.”

The pair will be celebrating with their family - including their three children, seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren with a celebration dinner when Stan comes out of hospital.

And what is their secret to 65 years of happiness?

“It’s all about give and take, talk to one another and discuss things,” said Theresa.