KERRY Katona is back with her second autobiography - and she is promising not to pull any punches.

Still Standing is released this week and she will be coming home for a book signing at WH Smith in Golden Square at 4pm, tomorrow, Friday.

Published by Orion, Still Standing picks up from where her first autobiography, Too Much Too Young in 2006 left off.

Kerry, originally from Padgate who rose to fame in girl group Atomic Kitten, said: “Writing this book was really tough as it covers the period when I was at my lowest ebb.

“It’s been incredibly therapeutic though and I hope it will in some small way help inspire others who might be going through difficult times to keep fighting no matter what.

“But it’s not all tears – despite everything that has happened I've tried to keep smiling and learned to laugh at whatever life has thrown at me."

The story covers her triumph over drugs, bad men, medication, depression, weight battles, booze and divorce, according to the publishers.

Amanda Harris is publishing director of Orion non-fiction.

She said: “So much has happened to Kerry in the last six years. “She’s been pushed to the brink of total mental collapse but has rebuilt her life, piece by piece.

“Her incredible story is told with the humour, warmth and honesty we know and love Kerry for.

“She doesn’t pull any punches; this is Kerry, back to her fabulous best. Readers will laugh and cry along with her.

“It’s a fascinating read from the nation’s favourite come-back kid.”