A BIG-HEARTED family had the help of royalty to ensure their charity fundraiser was a success.

Father and daughter team Barry and Danielle Roberts, of Liverpool Road, wrote to a number of people asking for items to auction in aid of children’s charity The Shannon Bradshaw Trust.

But the pair were stunned when they received a response from the Prince of Wales secretary offering two Duke of Rothesay crystal champagne flutes worth £130.

Barry, who also cycled solo from John O’Groats to Lands End for the charity, said: “Me and Danielle set up a bit of a production line when she’s writing letters for prizes and we had forgotten all about the letter to Prince Charles when we got a reply.

“The first letter said he was considering sending something and then another letter confirmed it.

“We couldn’t believe it and they went for £160.”

The pair have been supporting the charity with fundraisers for the last four years and this year managed to raise £4,258.