POLITICS has no place in the campaign to gain the control of things like police budgets believes Sarah Flannery.

As the only independent candidate in the police and crime commissioner ballot, which takes place next Thursday, she is taking on the battle for ordinary people losing faith in the political system.

Sarah said: "I have always been independent of party politics. In 2010 I stood against George Osborne in Tatton. That was never about thinking I was going to win the seat.

"I knew so many people then considering not voting because they were disenchanted with politics."

So why did she decide to stand for the role of Cheshire's first police and crime commissioner?

"In November last year I read Nick Herbert's speech on police and crime commissioners. I thought this was the job I was born to do," she added. "I could see the scope for it.

"I have long worked with public sector businesses in health and young people's services. When you see first hand some of the things going on and understand you can review services and make things more successful.

"And policing is not an appropriate arena for party politics."

Sarah, who has worked in media representation, believes communicating with the public will be a key aspect of the role.

"The most important part is to reconnect the public with policing.

"I don't see this as being a desk job," said Sarah.

Sarah added: "We are policed by consent and there needs to be that consent."