WARRINGTON GPs have spoken out in support of calls for action to tackle the growing threat of resistance to antibiotics.

Growing numbers of bacterial and viral infections are becoming resistant to drugs but no new classes of antibiotics have come on the market for more than 25 years.

Prime Minister David Cameron said this morning he wants Britain to ‘lead the way’ and bring new drugs to the world market and doctors in the town agree.

Dr Dan Bunstone, Warrington CCG lead clinical lead for long term conditions, said: “We’re supporting the call for action on this urgent problem.

“People will again start dying from routine infections if this is not addressed.

“For example, the reason MRSA has become such a concern in hospitals is that it developed antibiotic resistant strains.

“Warrington’s GPs are advised not to prescribe antibiotics unless needed - and we want patients to understand the reasons why.

“Antibiotics won’t help with colds and the flu, but taking them unnecessarily will add to the global problem - and increase your personal risk that antibiotics won’t work for you anymore.”

Dr Bunstone also urged residents ‘take care with hygiene’ in all situations to avoid infections.

He added: “The more we have to use antibiotics, the more chance there is of developing resistance to them, and this makes treating bacterial infections much more difficult.”