AN angry mum has spoken out after her daughter had to spend 24 hours in Alder Hey due to a dog bite in Victoria Park.

Susan Connelly said her 11-year-old daughter Katherine was in tears for hours and had to have an operation to remove two pieces of skin to clean out any potential infection around the tooth marks in her thigh.

Her mum believes she could have avoided an overnight stay in hospital if the dog owner had stopped to speak to them after the incident on Wednesday at 6.30pm.

The grandma added: “She had gone ahead on her skates and then came back to us in floods of tears saying she had been bitten by a dog.

“I could see a big bite on her thigh and two teeth had gone in leaving a mark an inch to an inch and a half wide.

“She had to spend 24 hours on an IV drip and it was a horrible time for her.

“I kept telling her she had been brave but she was heartbroken.”

Katherine has described to her mum a grey weimaraner-type dog but so far the owner has not been traced.

The unlucky youngster added the owner hit his dog after it had run at her and three teenage boys went to check she was okay.

Susan, who was also out walking with her one-year-old granddaughter, said: “I’m very upset about it.

“She’s quite a hardy little thing but she cried all day on Thursday she was so scared.

“I have two Jack Russells myself and genuinely don’t think the owner knew what had happened.

“But we didn’t know if the dog was up-to-date with its jabs and if he had stayed to speak to us we could have got more information and she probably wouldn’t have to stay in hospital overnight.

“I just want the owner to know his dog did that and has got the potential to bite as it could have been my granddaughter’s face.”