REGARDING the recommendations to close some libraries in Warrington, and subsequent public consultation Great Sankey Library is a modern, well run, small library ideal for young children and the elderly.

At the public meeting held at Great Sankey Library community centre in November comments were made regarding the value of the community centre and library being housed in the same building, matching the council’s vision for the future. This has been ignored.

We were told that although Burtonwood Library had much lower usage than Great Sankey and Grappenhall that its usage by community groups was an important reason for keeping it.

Despite no other such facilities in the area surrounding Great Sankey Library, the community groups’ usage seems to have been ignored.

The final recommendation to the council executive this week, made no reference of the benefit to people. It is as if the public comments have been airbrushed out.

The management’s final document includes this recommendation: Release buildings as community asset to be run by people and/or develop as community hub as part of future asset strategy.

It appears the library management just do not want to manage this hub so recommend closure.

It is 20 years since the council had the forethought to build a joint library and community centre. Shame on this council if they now close it.

JOHN Penketh